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This is the second in a new series where I share older images that I’m quite proud of but which are unlikely to otherwise appear here.

Getting Lost in a Maze of Torii

Getting Lost in a Maze of Torii

 Apertureƒ/6.3  CameraNIKON D7000  Focal length38mm  ISO100  Shutter speed10s 

This shot is from Fushimi Inari-taisha, a large Shinto shrine complex near Kyoto, famous for its tunnels of brightly painted torii gates. I’ve visited this shrine on several occasions now, but the most memorable visit was my last in 2011, as it was the first time I’d been after dark. As a popular spot with both locals and tourists, the various shrines that make up Fushimi Inari are usually busy, with lots of people coming and going through the maze of torii gate dotted paths that criss-cross the mountain between the various shrine buildings. At night however the place is almost entirely deserted, leaving you to explore in peace. With the rattle of shrine bells, claps, quiet mummers of prayer and chatter all absent, the place is eerily quiet. The mountain already has a rather other-worldly feel and that is only magnified at night with all but the shrine buildings and gates lost to the darkness.