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Winter photography

X-E1, 18mm f8, 1/150 ISO 250 We’ve had an unusually mild and stormy winter here in the UK. What that translates to is little traditional cold winter weather and seemingly endless rain with storm after storm. Thankfully between the storms there’s usually been a day or two of halfway pleasant weather which has provided a […]

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Fuji XF 18mm f2 R Review

Part of Fuji’s original XF lens lineup launched alongside the X-Pro 1, the 18mm pancake prime has a bit of a reputation for being the weakest. The problem is this reputation really isn’t deserved. Sure it’s not quite as sharp across the frame as its 35 and 60mm siblings, but it’s a very different class […]

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Taking good photos without a DSLR or 50mm lens

Today I saw (via Daring Fireball) a blog post on Prolost titled  “How to take good photos for under $1,000“. The author states a bunch of things I disagree with that I’d like to address. I think there are a lot of misconceptions out there about ‘serious photography’ and frankly I would probably have believed […]

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Heptonstall Festival 2013

On September 21st the West Yorkshire village of Heptonstall hosted a fantastic festival with various live acts and stalls selling local food. With my pro photographer friend Craig Shaw, I spent about 8 hours walking around taking photos armed with my X100 and X-E1. My go to lens for this kind of event is Fuji’s […]

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The Right Stuff

There’s no denying that Fuji’s retro styled cameras are things of beauty as well as incredibly powerful photographic tools. With that in mind, when it comes to customising them to personalise and improve their ergonomics, it behooves us to complement rather than degrade that classic look. The X100 Spoiled Me I got my X100 secondhand […]

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Project: Alexandra Shed

Shed is rather a diminutive term, but Alexandra Shed was the last remnant of Hawksclough Mill. A large cotton (or woollen) mill on the edge of Mytholmroyd on the bank of the Rochdale Canal in West Yorkshire, that had stood there since the mid-1800s. When I saw it was starting to get demolished I realised […]