A view of the Rochdale Canal with houses and barges mirrored in the perfectly still water.

This site is a showcase for my photography and a place to share my experiences. A lot of my images are from the beautiful Upper Calder Valley in West Yorkshire, where I live. While I consider myself a generalist, I take a lot of landscape and street shots in the hope to document the ever changing world around me. Since 2017 I’ve largely been shooting film – a medium I have completely fallen in love with.

If you like any of my work please consider buying a print . Your support is greatly appreciated and helps me to continue pursing this art form.

Recent Articles

Scanning Medium Format with the Epson V600

Back in July I wrote about switching away from DSLR based film digitisation and my experiences with a PlusTek 8200i film scanner. The PlusTek has been great, to the point where I’ve been letting my medium format gear gather dust and a few films I shot back in the spring had been left waiting for […]

DSLR Scanning Sucks

DSLR scanning sucks. There I said it! Since my journey back into film photography started in 2017 I’ve been using my digital camera to digitise my negatives. It works, it can produce arguably great results – on a level with the very best quality you can achieve from a high end commercial scanner. But it’s […]

Upgrading the Durst C35

The C35 was an entry level colour 35mm enlarger made by Italian firm Durst in the early 1980s. It had a sister model called the C65 (yes 65) that was designed for up to 6×6 negatives. The only difference between the two models was the supplied mixing box, negative carrier and lens, they otherwise shared […]