A view of the Rochdale Canal with houses and barges mirrored in the perfectly still water.

This site is a showcase for my photography and a place to share my experiences. A lot of my images are from the beautiful Upper Calder Valley in West Yorkshire, where I live. While I consider myself a generalist, I take a lot of landscape and street shots in the hope to document the ever changing world around me. Since 2017 I’ve largely been shooting film – a medium I have completely fallen in love with.

If you like any of my work please consider buying a print . Your support is greatly appreciated and helps me to continue pursing this art form.

Recent Articles

Upgrading the Durst C35

The C35 was an entry level colour 35mm enlarger made by Italian firm Durst in the early 1980s. It had a sister model called the C65 (yes 65) that was designed for up to 6×6 negatives. The only difference between the two models was the supplied mixing box, negative carrier and lens, they otherwise shared […]

Darkroom Printing

One of the benefits of being in a camera club full of largely retired people who were all into photography long before digital was ever a thing, is that lots of them have old film, paper and gear lying around they’re happy to give away. Last year I was offered a photographic enlarger for making […]

Shooting Models in a Derelict Mansion

Where better to spend the day after the coldest night of the winter, than a derelict mansion riddled with broken windows, standing around behind a camera? Well that’s how I spent the 3rd of February – at Woolton Hall, a once grand, but now semi-derelict mansion on the outskirts of Liverpool. The event, organised by […]