Welcome to Light Priority

Welcome to Light Priority, a place to showcase, sell and talk about my photography and gear. I’m still in the process of fleshing out the site so don’t be surprised if new sections pop-up, disappear or get moved around. Hopefully you’ll join me on this journey as I try and turn my hobby into more of a business. I’m not expecting to get rich, but it would be great if it could at least supplement my income and help pay for new equipment. I’m hoping to sell prints and postcards and you’ll also be able to help the site by clicking affiliate links. I’m also open to the idea of sponsorship and if you’d like to send me some camera gear to review that would be awesome.

If you’d like to get in touch or submit feedback you can use the Twitter  or drop me an email to rory @ lightpriority.net. A proper contact page will be added soon. To keep the noise down I won’t be allowing comments on pages or posts but I still welcome feedback.