Winter photography

X-E1, 18mm f8, 1/150 ISO 250

We’ve had an unusually mild and stormy winter here in the UK. What that translates to is little traditional cold winter weather and seemingly endless rain with storm after storm. Thankfully between the storms there’s usually been a day or two of halfway pleasant weather which has provided a few opportunities to head out with the camera.


X-E1, 60mm f5.6, 1/100 ISO 1600

The bare branches offer a brief glimpse of these ruins far below in Paper Mill Wood, Cragg Vale. As soon as the trees are green again it’s very hard to see from the footpath. The steep to sheer bank down to the river makes getting any closer all but impossible.


X-E1, 60mm f5.6, 1/100 ISO 400

Landscape shots full of leafless trees quickly start to feel a bit boring to me, so taking a break to do some urban shooting is a nice alternative. This remarkable old building is Hunslet Mill in Leeds.


X-E1, 60mm f5.6, 1/450 ISO 200

Also seen in Leeds, these reflections were spotted by my friend Richard and made for an interesting pattern shot. Leeds is a really gorgeous city with lots of nice historic buildings, well worth a visit with or without your camera.


X-E1, 60mm f5.6, 1/250 ISO 1250

Any time of year is ripe for a little urban exploration, this decaying old truck is parked outside a disused but surprisingly fortified old mill building in Walsden. It would have been nice to get some closer shots but sadly it’s very fenced off and lots of CCTV cameras abound. Still that’s probably why it’s as intact as it is so you can’t have it all.


X-E1, 60mm f4, 1/2200 ISO 200

Some long overdue sunshine at the weekend provided a nice opportunity to get a shot of the local war memorial.

Looking at the metadata for these shots you’d be forgiven for thinking I’ve only been carrying my 60mm lens! I am very fond of the 60, it’s super sharp, has lovely bokeh and useful reach. I’ve also been shooting with my 18mm and recently acquired 27mm pancake, I hope to do a little write up on the later in the coming months.