Twelve images for twelve months

To round out 2014 I thought it would be nice to share an image taken in each month of the year. I’ve tried to stick to photos I’ve not previously posted for the most part. These are all taken around West Yorkshire, with the exception of August’s photo which was shot in Grassington in North Yorkshire.


From the folly[exif id=”779″]

The first image is of Roundhay park in Leeds.


War Memorial
[exif id=”785″]

The war memorial in Mytholmroyd. This year was the centenary of World War 1.


Daisy Bank in the Fog[exif id=”787″]

Daisy Bank in Mytholmroyd, shrouded in thick fog.


Whitens Clough[exif id=”788″]

The far end of Whitens Clough reservoir captured with my Samyang fisheye. I went to Copenhagen in April if you’d like to see some images from further afield.


Bluebell Path[exif id=”789″]

The glorious bluebell display in Red Acre Wood, captured with my Zhongyi Lens Turbo + Pentax 50mm f2.


Amazing bicycle fish[exif id=”790″]

It’s hard to post an image from June and not include one from the fabulous Handmade Parade.


Common Blue Damselfly[exif id=”791″]

I spied this little fellow while walking in the grounds of Harewood House, near Leeds. It was tempting to post a Tour de France image for July, but I’m feeling a little ‘Le Tour’ fatigue at the moment, so I’ve decided to go with this nature shot instead! Have a look at my Yellow Bicycle Project if you’d like to reminisce about Yorkshire hosting the Grand Depart.


Cheeky Robin[exif id=”792″]

This inquisitive fellow got close enough for me to get some nice shots with my 60mm prime.


One less brick in the wall[exif id=”780″]

There seem to be fewer bricks in this wall on each subsequent visit. This ruined old house is high up on the hillside above Mytholmroyd.


Locks and Letters[exif id=”782″]

A detail of an old factory door in Hebden Bridge, former home to a metal spinning company.


Little toadstools[exif id=”783″]

These little toadstools are growing from the top of a bollard by the canal in Hebden Bridge. I’ve not been able to identify them, any experts out there like to help me out?


Frosty Hebden[exif id=”784″]

We had such a mild, wet winter last year, it’s nice to be able to round out 2014 with a shot taken on a cold frosty day. Hopefully we’ll get some snow soon.

Thank you to all my readers and those who’ve kindly bought prints from Etsy and the Light Priority Shop. Sales will resume in January if you’d like to help support my work. I hope you all have a fantastic winter holiday and new year. I’m looking forward to sharing more images with you in 2015!

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