From the Archives #1

This is the first in a new series where I share older images that I’m quite proud of but which are unlikely to otherwise appear here.

A day at the beach

Day at the Beach
[exif id=”937″]

I captured this shot of the beach at Aberystwyth on an unusually warm late March day, back in 2012. I lived in this town for the best part of a decade before moving to Yorkshire, so I have a lot of fond memories for it, many of which are summed up in this shot. Whether having a barbecue on the beach with friends, a lazy wander along the promenade to buy an ice cream in the scorching summer sun, watching the waves crash against the seawall on a stormy day, or climbing Constitution Hill at the far end of the beach. Good times! In a further play to my own nostalgia, I’ve processed the image to give it a slightly desaturated filmic look.

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