From the Archives #9

I’m travelling back to Aberystwyth for a reunion with some of my old university mates at the end of the week so it seemed fitting to dig out a shot from the town to share here. If you’ve not heard of Aber, it’s a wonderful little seaside university town, roughly in the middle of the Cambrian coast in Wales.

In other news I’ve decided to part with my little X100T now Fuji has launched the 23mm f2. I couldn’t really justify having both the X-Pro 2 and X100T as the overall shooting experience is so similar. I fully expect the new Fuji lens to run rings around the quirky optic in the X100 too. I now pretty much have my dream prime setup – 14, 23, 35, 60 and 90. I’ll be curious to see whether the 50mm f2 they launch next year might be able to replace the 60mm, although it has big shoes to fill. It’s too bad it’s not a 56mm f2 as 50 feels a little short to me.

Sunset over the Irish sea from Aberystwyth[exif id=”1368″]

2 thoughts on “From the Archives #9

  1. Hi!
    Really nice blog! Just discovered it while searching for some useful information about the xf23 and xf90 which I found (including other nice stuff), thanks. I am going to check back on a regular base for sure!
    Greetings from Germany.


    1. Thanks Stephan 🙂 I’m planning to write up a bit about the 90mm when I’ve had the chance to use it a bit more. I’m really enjoying using it for street photography. No doubt I’ll write something about the 23mm f2 at a later date too!


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